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Purpose of an Attic Fan

An attic fan is installed on the ceiling of your attic and plays a crucial role in ensuring your home stays comfortable regardless of the weather outside. So, what does an attic fan do exactly? An attic fan draws out…

Reasons Your Thermostat is Not Reaching Your Set Temperature

When your thermostat falls out of whack, it’s essential to fix the issue immediately, as a malfunctioning thermostat means improper heating and cooling, poor indoor air quality, and an uptick in utility bills. Before you call your local HVAC technician,…

How to Fix a Toilet That Runs

Are you frustrated by a toilet that runs randomly? When toilets are working correctly, you won’t hear that annoying rush of water at the wrong times. The toilet won’t stop running? Our step-by-step guide and troubleshooting tips will help you resolve…

Home Generators: Most Common Issues & Solutions

How Do Home Generators Work? Home generators are a great backup system for your home. When your home loses electricity, they kick in and provide your entire house with the electricity it needs. They’re also great because they are situational.…
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Replacing Electrical Panels

Your home’s electrical panel is a critical feature of your home’s infrastructure. It is essential to get electricity from outside your home into your appliances, devices, and anything else that requires electricity. However, electrical panels are known to have issues.…

Water Toilet Tank Not Filling

If you have a toilet that fills with a trickle, it can occur for various reasons. You could have a loose valve, low water pressure, or a clog. However, a slow-filling toilet tank can be caused by more serious problems…