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Reasons Your Thermostat is Not Reaching Your Set Temperature

Reasons Your Thermostat is Not Reaching Your Set Temperature

When your thermostat falls out of whack, it’s essential to fix the issue immediately, as a malfunctioning thermostat means improper heating and cooling, poor indoor air quality, and an uptick in utility bills.

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Before you call your local HVAC technician, determine why your thermostat is not reaching the set temperature. You can make a simple fix to get your thermostat back to normal. Below are a few reasons why your thermostat may not be working.

Your Air Filters Are Dirty

A clean air filter is crucial for the smooth functioning of your HVAC system, and its impact extends beyond just clean air. Neglecting regular air filter maintenance can lead to a domino effect of issues, and one of them is a malfunctioning thermostat.

When the air filter becomes clogged with dirt, dust, and debris, it restricts the airflow to your HVAC system, causing it to work harder to maintain the desired temperature. As a result, the thermostat may not receive accurate temperature readings, leading to imprecise temperature control and potential malfunctions.

By ensuring regular air filter replacements, you not only improve indoor air quality but also optimize your thermostat’s performance, leading to more efficient and reliable heating and cooling in your home.

The Vents Are Blocked

If you place large furniture pieces, cat beds, blankets, or anything in front of the vent, the hot or cold air will not flow into your house. As a result, your home will suffer from improper heating and cooling.

It Needs To Be Recalibrated

Homeowners click and handle a thermostat a lot. Over time, your thermostat can feel wear and tear and break down. Tuning, maintenance, and recalibration can do wonders in preventing wear and tear from occurring. That’s why scheduling an HVAC appointment once a year is vital for optimal performance.

The Wiring Is Loose

Is your thermostat not reaching a set temperature? It may be due to faulty or loose wiring. Thermostats use several wires to function correctly, which can detach or become loose after a few years of regular use. If you suspect your wires are loose, give us a call.

It’s Broken

I​f your thermostat can’t reach a set temperature even after several appointments and fixes, chances are it’s broken and will require a total replacement.

Poor Location

The location of your thermostat can impact how well your thermostat works. Even if it’s not noticeable, your home has naturally colder or warmer pockets. If your thermostat sits in one of these higher or lower temperature locations, it won’t have an accurate reading of your home’s general temperature.

The Device Isn’t Level

Though it’s unbeknownst to most, thermostats must be level in order to function properly. If your thermostat has never worked quite right, double-check that it’s level.

Your Home Has Lost Power

A thermostat requires a power source. But there are instances when it may lose power, rendering it impossible to change the settings. In such cases, the thermostat’s screen will be off.

Your Thermostat Is Too Old

Sometimes, the problem is simply that your thermostat needs to be updated. As thermostats age, they become less functional and more prone to breakdowns.


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