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About 4 Service Pros

About 4 Service Pros:

We are a residential and commercial service contractor with 4 divisions; Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC and Remodeling. We also offer Sewer Repair and Replacement, Water Service Repair and Replacement, Full Service Gas Installations and Service, Lighting Design, and Decks & Porch Construction. We service all of Northern Virginia and parts of DC and Maryland. We are one of the highest rated firms in the area. Our high ratings were recognized by Google in 2017, and we our proud to be a partner of Google, with them offering our clients their google guarantee and stamp of approval. Learn more about 4 Service Pros employees below.

Key Employees

President – Greg Schick

4 Service Pros was founded by our president Greg Schick, who has over 38 years in the trades. Mr. Schick has earned Masters Licenses in Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Natural Gas and Propane LP Gas. Mr. Schick believes customer service starts with the employees of the firm being happy in their positions with the company. Take care of the employees, they will take care of the clients. Mr. Schick loves to hear from the clients so feel free to give him a call with any questions or comments 571-281-0281.

Presidents Assistant – Brittney Workman

Brittney has worked her way up through the company starting with marketing, then moving into customer service. She excelled in customer service so was promoted to Customer Service Manager and after 5 years with the firm was once again promoted to her current position of Assistant to the Owner / President. Brittney like the president loves pleasing clients through the outstanding customer service 4 Service Pros provides. She also has the skills and knowledge to be a problem solver when little issues come up.  Feel free to reach out to Brittney should you want to praise, comment or have suggestions on the firm.

Accounting – Debbie Schick

Debbie Schick, our president’s wife, heads up the accounting side of things at 4 Service Pros. Along With Missie and Anna.  She keeps a watchful eye to insure everything is on track. Debbie has worked side by side with her husband for 18 years.

Electrical Manager – Mike Schick

The Electrical Division is headed up by  Mike Schick, Mike is our president’s brother. Mike started his electrical career in the Navy, and was stationed aboard the USS Long Beach, a nuclear powered cruiser. Mike has been an electrician for over 38 years and is a proven expert in his field as well as being an expert in generators and back up power systems.

Plumbing – David Justiniano

The Plumbing division is headed up by David Justiniano. and Mike Schick David is a powerful force and keeps things running smoothly. Davis is an expert in Sewers, Water Treatment all phases of Plumbing and Gas. Mike with 39 years in the trades keeps things on track and running smoothly.

Remodeling –

HVAC – Darnell Scott & Maurice Cooke

The HVAC division is headed up by Darnell Scott & Maurice Cook. Combined  they have over 50 years in the Heating and Air Conditioning trade, Both are proven problem solvers and highly trained in product knowledge, design and troubleshooting. You can be assured your system is in good hands with our managers and our teams. Be sure to ask about our safe and sound policy to avoid costly repairs and downtime of your homes heating and cooling systems.

We Are OPEN For Business. Call For Service: (571) 281-0281