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Recessed Lighting Installation 

Recessed lighting, also referred to as can lights or pot lights, come in many forms and are used to brighten up your home while making the area feel as open as possible. Our team of professional electricians offer exceptional recessed lighting installation services for homeowners in Northern areas of Virginia. Book an appointment with our electrician to receive help choosing new lights for your house.

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The incandescent bulb has been one of the most popular choices among the bulbs available as they are more affordable. Though the downsides are that they consume more energy and have a shorter life span compared to some other types. LEDs are a slightly more expensive option, but they are more energy efficient. They also last much longer than the other types of bulbs.

How Many Recessed Lights Do I Need in My Home?

Recessed Lights

You also have several options for recessed lighting trims. There are open trims that provide a finished look. There are also directional types that offer versatility for your lighting fixtures. Read more about the types of recessed lighting.

Recessed Lighting can be used in combination with other light fixtures to add needed light to a room when one central fixture or ceiling fan will not suffice. 4 Service Pros Electrical will help you select the right product for your installation as well as offer design options. 4 Service Pros offers a wide selection of recessed lighting fixtures from top name brands like WAC, HALO, Lightolier and many others. We offer lighting solutions for all applications – damp-rated recessed trims for showers and bathrooms as well as new construction and remodel housings for both line and low voltage systems.

Lighting Installation

4 Service Pros Electrical has decades of experience in not only recessed lighting installers in Northern Virginia, but also in lighting design. 4 Service Pros can help you design a layout that will work for your needs. Just give us a call (571) 281-0281.

Give us a call at 571-281-0281 for reliable recessed lighting installation services. Our team of electricians will help you improve the lighting in your home.

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