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Electrical Panel Upgrade, Repair, and Installation Services

Our team of licensed electricians offer reliable electrical panel upgrade, repair, and installation services for homes in areas of Virginia such as Alexandria, Burke, Lorton, Reston, Arlington, Sterling, and Centreville. The electrical panel is the heart of your electrical system. This is where your home or business receives electricity from the utility company. If you are having issues with your electrical panel, book an appointment with our team to receive assistance.

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The power is distributed from your electric panel throughout your entire home or business until every outlet, appliance and light has the power that it needs. Safety is key when it comes to electricity and we can ensure that your panel or panels are up to code.

**Your Breaker box is NEVER supposed to buzz, hum, hiss, spark, or become discolored. At 4 Service Pros Electrical, our electricians can add extra circuit breakers, improve the amperage of your electrical system, and address issues in the safest, most efficient, cost-effective way possible.***

Electrical Panel Upgrade and Repair Services in Virginia

What is an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Your electrical panel box is a series of wires and breakers that dictate where power goes in your home or business and how much goes to each location. Your panel is responsible for metering out the right amount of voltage needed to power a series of electrical outlets. In short, the electrical panel dictates the “maximum capacity” of power within your home. Updated breakers and wiring in your panel will ensure that your home’s power needs are met properly and safely.

A heavy-up service is when the circuit panel is upgraded to increase the electrical capacity needed. This is usually required during a remodeling project at your home or business. Most electrical panels can provide 100 to 800 amps of power and allow for expansion for more circuits to be added. An electrical panel upgrade is generally needed to replace outdated electric panel equipment. A heavy-up electrical panel upgrade improves the safety and reliability of your electrical system, adds value to your home or business and gives you peace of mind.

Not having enough power isn’t just an inconvenience — voltage drop-offs may damage sensitive electronic equipment. The standard for household power used to be 60 amps. Modern homes may need as many as 200 amps to run air conditioners, computer equipment, high-definition televisions, and high-tech home automation devices.

To handle increased electrical requirements, it’s likely you’ll also need to upgrade electrical wiring, especially if your house is more than 40 years old. Upgrading your home’s wiring, and installing structured wiring can increase its resale value dramatically.

Structured wiring is a term for any heavy-duty electrical and data cables designed to handle the latest entertainment and communication devices—and those yet to be invented—including phones, the Internet, and household heating and lighting systems.

Per a 2009 study by the “Consumer Electronics Association” and the “National Association of Home Builders Research Center”, almost 50% of homes built in 2008 included structured wiring, a sure sign of its growing value to homeowners.

How Do I Know If I Need a Panel Upgrade?

Generally, there are two ways to determine if you are in need of a panel upgrade:

  1. You live in a home that is over 20 years old and have outdated panels.
  2. If you have (or want) more power requirements. (Generally required when adding more circuits to a home or business during remodeling projects.)

How Long Does It Take?

At 4 Service Pros Electrical, we can typically complete your electrical service upgrade in one day. If additional work is required such as adding more circuits or changing switches and plugs, the project may require more than one day to complete. In most cases, we will try not to leave you without power overnight.

Electrical Panel Upgrade and Repair Services in Virginia

What Is Involved in Upgrading My Electrical Panel?

In most situations, the old electrical panel is removed. A new panel is then installed in its place and all circuits are transferred to the new panel. Typically, new circuit breakers and new feed copper wire are installed.In some cases we will also change the meter base to allow the power company to install larger feeder wires. Additional circuits are also addressed and added to ensure better distribution of the power throughout your home or business.

What Are Warning Signs That My Electrical Systems Need to Be Upgraded?

Typically, you will experience brownouts or lights dimming when other items are turned on. Other signs would be fuses frequently blowing and or breakers tripping. If for any reason you think your electric service is underpowered and you are not tripping breakers or blowing fuses, you should call us for an immediate inspection. Breakers frequently tripping is a sign that the breakers are doing what they are designed to do. However, it is a clear sign that something is not right. Overheating wires can be a fire hazard and should be investigated by a 4 Service Pro electrician to identified the problem.

Why Do My Breakers Keep Tripping?

Circuit breakers are designed to trip or cut-off power to the circuit when more amps are being drawn than the wire is rated to carry. The trip to prevent wires from getting overloaded and to prevent them from overheating and causing a fire. Over heated circuits and loose connections are the most common cause of electrical fires. Call 4 Service Pros Electrical to have your panel and wiring inspected.

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