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Furnace Installation and Replacement Services in Northern Virginia

Homeowners in Northern Virginia know how important it is to have a fully-functional furnace, especially during the brutal winter months. Furnaces have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years and sometimes things can go wrong regardless of how old your furnace is. Our team of licensed technicians offers reliable furnace replacement and installation services for homeowners in areas of Virginia such as Alexandria, Burke, Lorton, Centreville, Arlington, and Ashburn. Choosing the right type of furnace is essential for your comfort, budget, and family needs.

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3 Types of Furnaces

Need a new furnace, but don’t know where to start? Installing the best furnace for your home is crucial and the team at 4 Service Pros can help. We have outlined three types of furnace options and how their different speed settings can benefit your home.

Single-Stage Furnaces

A single-stage furnace is the simplest type of furnace to choose from. Due to its straightforward design and operation, a single-stage furnace is the most affordable system on the market. However, the drawback of a single-stage furnace is that it is the least efficient of the three furnace options. With one on and off switch and no varied settings, the single-stage furnace can create uneven heat in large homes.

Two-Stage Furnaces

Unlike single-stage furnaces, a two-stage furnace is designed with low and high-output levels. Two heat output settings allow you to heat your home more evenly and efficiently than a single-stage furnace. A two-stage furnace running at half-speed is also quieter than its single-stage counterpart, creating a harmonious home for you to hunker down all winter long.

Variable-Speed Furnaces

Variable-speed furnaces set the bar high for all other furnaces on the market. These furnaces can run longer at a slower speed, improve the efficiency of your home, and lower your energy bills. Our team provides furnace installation services for variable-speed furnaces in Alexandria, VA and other areas. Furnaces with variable speeds do not cycle on and off like other furnaces. This makes variable-speed systems less susceptible to breakdowns. Variable-speed furnaces can also improve your indoor air quality, reducing the risk of you and your family developing respiratory problems caused by debris and mold.

Furnace Installation Services in Alexandria, VA

When Should I Replace My Furnace?

The life of your furnace depends on the type of furnace, how often it is used, how well it is maintained, and the quality of the furnace you have. If your furnace is old, unevenly heating your home, causing spikes in your energy bill, or has visible rust and damage, these are signs it’s time to hire a professional to perform a furnace replacement. Book an appointment with our team to receive assistance choosing the best furnace model for your specific needs.

What Are the Benefits of Replacing a Furnace?

Reaping the benefits of a brand-new furnace is like taking a breath of fresh air. Performing a furnace installation or replacement can save you money on energy bills, decrease the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, and improve the quality of air in your home.

When you choose to replace your furnace, you can expect:

  • Lower repair costs
  • Improved efficiency & airflow
  • Energy-saving & eco-friendly operation

Furnace replacement is easy when you work with the team at 4 Service Pros. Our staff has the right knowledge and expertise needed to replace and install a furnace you can enjoy for years to come. Schedule an appointment today and start experiencing the benefits of total home comfort.

Furnace Replacement Services in Alexandria, VA

Furnace Replacement Services in Alexandria, VA and Other Areas

You should never have to shiver in your own home. Kick your old furnace to the curb and enjoy the comfort you deserve with a brand-new furnace. Our skilled professionals provide innovative furnace installation and replacement services for families in areas of Virginia such as Woodbridge, Reston, Manassas, Alexandria, Burke, Arlington, and Oakton.

Our heating technicians want the best for you and your family. Our team will work with you to help you choose the best furnace for your needs. Beat the cold weather and heat your home the right way. Give our technicians a call at (571) 281-0281 to receive help installing a new furnace in your house.

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If you need help with choosing a new furnace for your home, give our team of professionals a call at (571) 281-0281 to schedule an appointment.

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