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Attic fans are important to homes in the Northern Virginia area. With the high heat we experience in the summer, homes in this area require them. Attic ventilation will make your home more comfortable while lowering energy bills. Your home’s air conditioner will run less and won’t work as hard to cool your living spaces. Hot humid air is vented via an attic fan while drawing fresh air across surfaces. With the addition of an attic fan, your attic will be drier and cooler.

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Attic fan installations happen at the roof level and regulates the heat level of a home’s attic by allowing hot air to escape, while roof vents draw in fresh air from outside.

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Attic fans operate when it’s hot outside to reduce attic heat buildup by ventilating the attic space. An attic fan runs during the heat of the day, removing super-heated air through roof vent connection, and creates a negative pressure that draws cooler, outside air in through the venting. This mitigates the heat buildup, keeping the attic temperature as close to ambient as possible.

Benefits of an Attic Fan

At 4 Service Pros Electrical, our technicians will determine the right number of attic fan installations and placements that you need in your home. Sizing of the attic, as well as the methods of exhausting the air, will all be considered. When installing an attic fan in Northern Virginia, it is key to ensuring the right number and size of vents are in place to allow the air to be properly exhausted from the attic.

Lower Energy Costs

During hot summer days and nights in Virginia keeping your home cool can be a real challenge when your attic is hot. The hot air in your attic is stagnated and trapped without any way to escape if you do not have an attic fan to assist in continuously exchanging the attic air. With the proper installation of an attic fan, you will save money on your cooling expenses by exchanging the air in the attic removing the hot air making your air conditioner more efficient.

Remove Damaging Moisture

Cool evening air can cause condensation and it can collect on insulation and your wood rafters during the summer. In the wintertime, moisture will escape from your living space and can condense in the attic. These condensation conditions can cause damaging rot, mold, mildew, and bring costly repairs. With the addition of an attic fan, the air is properly moving the air and virtually eliminates damaging moisture.

Extend The Life of Your Roof

Second to saving money on energy costs, extending the life of your homes roof is another added value to adding an attic fan. In the Virginia, metropolitan area, the high heat of the summer and frigid temperatures in the winter are prime candidates to trap air and damaging moisture in your homes attic. Adding an attic fan will allow your home to breathe properly and lower the attic temperatures in the summer preserving the life of your shingles and roofing materials. Removing the moisture during the winter months will also extend the lifespan of your roofing system. Properly ventilating your attic will prolong the lifespan of your entire roof system.

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