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Duct Cleaning

Improved air quality leads to a healthier home, and the best way to achieve that is by having your air ducts regularly cleaned. Breathe easier knowing the job is done right with the experts at 4 Service Pros. We have decades of experience in this area and are happy to share our expertise and knowledge with you.

Why is Duct Cleaning Important?

The main benefit to duct cleaning is to clear your HVAC system of potentially harmful contaminants, such as bacteria, pollen, lint, dirt, dust mites, pet dander, etc. When these particles get into your ducts, they get into your vents and are circulated around your home in the air you breathe—air duct cleaning helps to purify this air. Air duct cleaning is especially recommended for people who suffer from symptoms of allergies, headaches, asthma or any other chest or respiratory condition.

Air duct cleaning also has added benefits, like potentially reducing your energy bill as it makes your system more efficient. It also lowers the risk of potential fire by removing flammable particles.

How Often Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

We recommend have your ducts cleaned at least every 2 years, or more often if you are particularly sensitive to the effects of air pollution. You’ll notice improved efficiency in your system and possible even a lower energy bill.

In addition, you should consider duct cleaning if you:

  • Have had a recent renovation or remodel, especially if there was lead paint or asbestos removal
  • Have had evidence of an animal infestation
  • Have had recent water damage or mold growth

Can I Do Duct Cleaning Myself?

We never recommend going the DIY route for duct cleaning. One, a professional will have not only the necessary training for duct cleaning, but also the necessary tools and equipment. Two, without in-depth knowledge of your heating system, you may end up damaging some parts and end up costing yourself a lot more in the long run. We have over 30 years experience in the HVAC industry and are fully equipped to clean your air ducts, inspect them for other problems, and solve those problems. Call us to set up your duct cleaning appointment, call (571) 281-0281 or email info@4servicepros.com.

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