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Why Does My Water Taste Like Plastic?

Why Does My Water Taste Like Plastic?

If you’ve ever taken a sip of water straight from the tap, then you know that it doesn’t taste the same as a fresh bottle of store-bought water. That’s because bottled water doesn’t contain chlorine. However, despite its chlorine content, tap water is safe to drink. 

Does Your Water Taste Like Plastic?Contact a Plumber Today!

Now, if your water tastes like plastic, then you could have an issue with your plumbing system. Call 4 Service Pros for plumbing emergencies. But first… check out the common reasons your water tastes like plastic.

Why Does My Water Taste Like Plastic?

Is your tap water tasting like plastic? Several factors could be responsible for why water tastes weird.

You Just Got New Plumbing

A new faucet can be the culprit of plastic-tasting water. In this case, there’s no reason to worry. Keep running your tap as normal and the plastic taste should subside after a while.

You Recently Moved 

If you just moved to a new city, then it could be that you’re not used to the different levels of mineral content. Give yourself some time to get used to your new tap water taste or invest in a water filter if the flavor is an issue.

Water Bottle Tastes Like Plastic 

Are you tasting a strange plastic taste in your water bottle after filling it with tap water? The issue might not be your tap. The plastic taste in a water bottle means that the plastic of the bottle is wearing out. 

6 Reasons Why Your Tap Water Tastes Weird

The right pipes make a difference. If your water tastes bad, like any of the following six tastes, then you could benefit from repiping services by 4 Service Pros.

Water Tastes Dirty

Is your water tasting extra earthy? A dirty flavor could be a result of geosmin. Geosmin is an odorous bacteria that grows in soil. Even though the taste of geosmin is unappealing, drinking it will not harm your health. 

Tap Water Tastes Chlorinated

Tap water is chlorinated, but sometimes it can taste reminiscent of a swimming pool. This strong chlorinated taste is due to local water sources implementing a higher level of chlorine into the water supply to ensure safety.

Water Tastes Bitter

Bitter water could be a sign of copper. Too much copper can cause health issues, so if your water tastes unpleasantly bitter, a call to your local water provider might be in order.

Water Tastes Like Metal

A metallic taste in your tap water almost always means that metal is present. While drinking metals in small amounts isn’t serious, lead contamination can make you and your family sick.

Water Tastes Like Gasoline

If your water tastes like gasoline, then it’s possibly polluted. Water will taste like gasoline after fuel or a deceased animal gets into your water supply. If your tap water tastes like gasoline, you should call a professional plumber from 4 Services Pros immediately and refrain from drinking the water.

Water Tastes Like Rotten Eggs

Your first reaction to tap water that tastes like rotten eggs is to spit it out. Water that tastes like nasty rotting eggs is disgusting, no doubt. This foul taste is commonly associated with sulfur-creating bacteria.

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Your plumbing system is one of the most important components of your home. From dishwashing to drinking water, you rely on water to make it through your pipes and out your faucets. So when plumbing issues happen, everything can come to a halt. 

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