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Water Toilet Tank Not Filling

Water Toilet Tank Not Filling

If you have a toilet that fills with a trickle, it can occur for various reasons. You could have a loose valve, low water pressure, or a clog. However, a slow-filling toilet tank can be caused by more serious problems that need professional help. Look at a couple of ways to troubleshoot these issues on your own. 

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Why Is My Toilet Tank Not Filling?

When you are having problems with your toilet tank, many homeowners’ first instinct is to find the source of the issue. There is good news! It is pretty easy to troubleshoot a tank that is slowly filling with water. If you want to do it yourself, take a look at the following areas near your tank. In many situations, you can usually fix the problem in a few easy steps. 

  • Inspect the Water Supply ValveTypically, a partially opened valve is the common reason for a slow filling tank. The water supply line and valve should be completely open. When they are partially open, the water will only flow into the toilet at a slow pace. 
  • Look for Clogs in the LineOver time, debris and sediments can cause a clog in the water supply. If you are experiencing issues with the tank slowly filling up, especially after flushing, check for buildup in the water supply line. Make sure to look around the valve. You will want to remove dirt, debris, or other gunk from the lines and valves. 
  • Check on the Water Pressure Many homeowners have weak water pressure. With that, it could be the culprit of a slow-filling toilet, especially if you notice flow issues around your home. Sometimes, a booster tank can help to increase the water pressure. However, these problems are often caused by a leak in the plumbing. If that is the case with your home, you will want to call a plumber to resolve the situation. 

Toilet Tank Filling Slowly

Now that you know some of the issues with a slow-filling toilet tank, how can you resolve them? While these issues can be annoying, you usually will not need to replace the toilet completely. Typically, you can slightly adjust specific tank filling components to resolve these frustrating issues. In some instances, you might not even have to call a professional plumber. If the tips listed above do not fix the slow toilet tank, then you might want to try these steps:

  • Adjust the Valve – You will want to adjust the fill valve. In many cases, that can fix the problem. This valve helps to regulate the water in the toilet’s reservoir. Most toilets will have a fill valve with a float arm that manages the amount of water. You may want to raise that valve to allow more water into your toilet’s tank. If that seems to have fixed the issue, you can easily adjust the fill value. All you have to do is take a flat-headed screwdriver and raise the valve. Once you have the right amount of water, you can tighten the screw. Before replacing the tank’s lid, make sure to test the flush to see if this valve has resolved the issue. 
  • Adjust the Float Ball – Another possible solution is adjusting the float ball. If this part is not functioning, you could have a slow-filling tank problem. When you remove the tank lid, you will see the float ball sitting on top of the water. Like the fill valve, it helps determine the water line in your toilet’s tank. A float ball that is set too low will not allow enough water in the tank. As a result, you will have a slow-filling tank. Sometimes, you can bend the float arm upwards to allow more water. However, you might have to replace the float ball yourself. 

Call for Slow Filling Toilet Tank

If all the above does not help fix the problem with a slow-filling toilet tank, it may be time to call in a professional. With help from a plumber, they can pinpoint the exact cause of the slow tank and fix it quickly for you. While DIY projects can help in some situations, a toilet tank not filling could be caused by a significant plumbing problem. If you want to ensure that the slow-filling tank is resolved, make sure to reach out to a professional plumbing services team. 

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