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Sewer Snake

Sewer Snake

What Is A Sewer Snake?

A sewer snake is an extended device that plumbers will use to remove clogs in a drain. The sewer snake allows for many different types of attachments on the end of the long adjustable cable. Each attachment has there own purpose based on the kind of clog you are looking to clear. A root that creates a clog would need a blade attachment, while a paper towel backup would need the auger attachment to grab the towels stuck in the line.

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You have several options on what kind of sewer snake you would like to use. There are both hand-powered and electric. Either one of the types of drain snakes moves in a spiral motion and will chew right through the object and return proper water flow.

How to Use a Sewer Snake

Insert the Auger

Start by feeding the spring down the drain or removing the p-trap. You can easily find the p-trap by taking a peek under your sink. It’s a U-shaped pipe that can be removed by hand or with a plumbing wrench. If you remove the p-trap, you might be able to remove the clog without ever needing a sewer snake. Once the p-trap is removed, insert the auger into the pipes rather than the drain.

Begin Uncoiling

Uncoil the spring after inserting the auger in the pipe. You can do this by rotating the handle at a steady pace. Be careful not to push too hard when inserting the coil down the drain, as you could damage your pipes. The coil will continue to move through your piping until it reaches the obstruction.

Reach Blockage

Once you hit the obstruction, give the head a little wiggle to break up the debris. If the auger gets stuck in the obstruction, gently pull the snake out of the pipe. Chances are, the obstruction will come out with it. Continue this process until you feel no more resistance.

Pull Out & Repeat

At this point, if you believe the sink is unclogged, remove the sewer snake and check under the sink to ensure the clog is gone. However, if your sink is still having draining issues, it might be time to seek professional assistance.

Tips for Drain Snaking

It Can Be Messy

Drain snaking can get a little messy. You might encounter some gunk and splatter while drain snaking.

Wear Clothes You Don’t Mind Getting Dirty

Sink draining is a grubby job, so slip on something you don’t mind getting dirty.

Lay Down Old Towels

You don’t want a trail of water and residue throughout your house. Lay old towels down for a quick cleanup.

There Shouldn’t Be Scraping

If you hear scraping, re-adjust. You should never hear scraping when snaking.

Snaking your backed-up drain or sewer can save you lots of money by repairing a drain instead of having it replaced which can be more costly, so making sure your drain or sewer clog is repairable is essential to saving you money. Call us today at (571) 281-0281 to ask one of our team members what they can do to help you with your blockage today!