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Hydro Jetting – How It’s Better Than Snaking And Can Save You Time, Money And Another Huge Headache

Hydro Jetting – How It’s Better Than Snaking And Can Save You Time, Money And Another Huge Headache

When it comes to a blockage in your drains, you probably don’t care how it gets done, but you want it unclogged as soon as possible so you can use your bathtub, sink or toilet as usual.

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But did you know that the way you get your drain cleaned can either save you money or make you spend more and give you an even bigger headache than you already have?

Cleaning Pipes

When it comes to cleaning your pipes, there are three main types of plumbing services that can get the job done.

Snaking– Snaking a drain involves a rod with curved blades at the end of it that enters the drain and breaks up objects through the drain to free the flow of water down the pipe. There are several types of augers used-some that are hand-held and some that are powered with a machine. Snaking is an easy way to unclog your drain, but it won’t take out the buildup on the sides of your pipes, which means there is a risk for the pipe to re-clog in the future. Because a blade is used, it can be damaging to pipes that are old or decaying and could potentially cause problems in the future.

Roto-Rooter– Another type of snaking, the roto-rooter is an electrically powered auger that got it’s name from what it was designed to do, unclog drains and sewers that have roots inside of them. Roto-Rooters can also clean debris that are clogging your drain other than tree roots, so it acts similar to a snaking device.

Hydrojetting– Hydro jetting is the term used to describe the process of using high-pressured water throughout your pipes to clear any blockages inside the pipes. Hydro jetting is also powerful enough to effectively scrape-off grease, calcium build-up, hair, sand, silt, scale and any other material that is stuck to the walls of your pipes. Hydro jetting is a great option not only normal clogs, but also for removing roots that are blocking your pipe so it can do exactly what snaking and the roto-rooter does, but better.

How Hydro Jetting Can Save You Time, Money And Another Headache

Although other methods of unblocking drains can be effective in unclogging your pipe initially, your drain may re-clog because of the residue that builds up on the walls of your pipes and not necessarily because of an object obstructing the flow of water in your pipes.

Snaking and Roto-rooters can help with clearing some of the gunk off your pipe walls, but nothing compares to the thorough cleaning hydro jetting can do. Not only will your pipes be cleared and returned to normal, you can bank on the fact that your pipes will be clean and worry free in the long run. As the picture describes, hydro jetting works to get everything out of your pipes leaving them clean and not just making a hole into the blockage of your pipe to temporarily let water pass through.

If the graphic wasn’t enough to convince you of the awesome power and effectiveness of hydro-jetting and why you should consider it, you need to check out this video of a chicken (yes, a chicken) stuffed into a pipe and removed by the high-pressured water and hydro jetting nozzle.

Not All Plumbers Are Created Equal

Hydro jetting drain cleaning is a special craft and should only be done by trusted and experienced plumbers (unfortunately, that means hydro jetting DIY won’t be feasible, if you don’t want busted pipes that is). The water pressure that comes from a hydro jetting machine is powerful enough to damage your pipes if not tuned to the correct pressure for your pipes, so finding the right plumber for the job is essential. That’s why the Pro’s at 4ServicePros are here for you. We have experienced master plumbers on our team that will inspect your pipes with a camera before they begin any job to make sure they know exactly what your pipes need to be thoroughly cleaned and protected during and after the job is done.

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