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Aeroseal Duct Sealing

Ready to improve your air quality, increase energy efficiency and make for a more comfortable home or workplace overall? Aeroseal duct sealing from 4 Service Pros can help.

In many homes, duct leakage creates a whole host of problems when it comes to energy consumption and air pollution. Duct leakage can more than double fan use, leading to astronomical energy costs for your building. It can also circulate unwanted air contaminants from things like improperly sealed bathroom or kitchen exhaust systems.

Aeroseal helps avoid these problems with a unique sealing system that uses small sealant particles at the site of the leak, instead of coating the entire interior of the system.

What Are the Benefits of Using Aeroseal?

The main benefit of the Aeroseal process is the money that an efficient HVAC system will save. Each building is different, and we’ll perform a thorough inspection before we decide that Aeroseal is necessary, but for leaks up to ⅝ inches across, it can be a huge energy saver.

After Aerosealing, you can also enjoy improved air balance and thermal distribution. Your building will also be more likely to comply with building codes and specs for air distribution effectiveness.

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